Capitan Sevilla


Remake of an excellent platform game from the 80s



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Capitan Sevilla is a remake of the platform game of the same name that was released in the late 1980s.

The science-fiction story of Capitan Sevilla takes place in the Spanish city of Seville. Your hero is Mariano López, a trucker whose vehicle was launched all the way to the neighboring village of Santiponce by a radioactive rocket.

The sausages transported by Mariano were thus exposed to a high level of radiation. Mariano, who was left unconscious on impact, wakes up hungry and chows down on these sausages, which give him the superpowers that convert him into Capitan Sevilla.

Mariano's objective is to get rid of all the mutants that rose from the rocket's radiation in the city of Seville, and eliminate the evil Torrebruno, the root of all this disorder.

Capitan Sevilla has detailed graphics that display the famous architecture of this Spanish city. The game itself is quite difficult, so be careful to ration the sausages that you collect, as it's the only way to survive in this odd little game.
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